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Last updated: 22.04.17
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     Song Group Remarks CDs
pub15.gif Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow Pub midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Dammed Idle Fellows English nlyrics.gif  
nba15.gif Dance to Your Daddy Tyneside nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif Dans tous les cantons Canadian nlyrics.gif  
flag15de.gif Das Hosenlied vom Calico Jack German cd15.gif
flag15de.gif Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust German midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Dashing away with the smoothing iron English midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Dat du mien Leefsten büst Platt mp315.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Dat Hus inne Masch Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
flag15we.gif David of the White Rock Welsh midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
anchor15.gif Davy Lowston Sea Songs nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
nba15.gif Day We Went to the Coast, The Tyneside cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg De Fresenhof Platt nlyrics.gif  
platt15.jpg De Hoffnung Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg De junge Wetfru Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
platt15.jpg De lustige Kock Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg De Möel Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg De Runner von Hamburg Platt midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Dear Uncle Sam Irish nlyrics.gif  
nba15.gif Death of Renforth, The Tyneside  
english15.gif Deck the Hall English nlyrics.gif  
anchor15.gif Deep Blue Sea Sea Songs nlyrics.gif  
gospel15.gif Deep river Gospel midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
oz15.gif Denis O'Reilly Australian nlyrics.gif  
flag15de.gif Der Edelmann im Habersack German nlyrics.gif  
flag15de.gif Der Lindenbaum German midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Der Tod von Basel German midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gif
flag15de.gif Der Wilddieb German nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15us.gif Devil and the farmer's wife, The American nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15us.gif Devilish Mary American nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Dicey Riley Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Die Moorsoldaten German midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
anchor15.gif Diesel and Shale Sea Songs nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15no.gif Din tanke er fri Norwegian nlyrics.gif  
english15.gif Dirty Old Town English nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Djo, djoiri German  
shamrock15.gif Do you want your old lobby washed down? Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
pub15.gif Don't Dilly Dally on the Way Pub nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15us.gif Donna, Donna American midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Dor weer enmol en lüttje Buurdeern Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
gospel15.gif Down by the riverside Gospel midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
kids15.jpg Down by the station Childrens' nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
english15.gif Down in Yon Forest English nlyrics.gif  
english15.gif Drink to me only with thine eyes English midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Drinking - in Cellar Deep English mp315.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gif
pub15.gif Drinking Song Pub nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
oz15.gif Drover's Dream, The Australian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
anchor15.gif Drummer and the Cook, The Sea Songs nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
nba15.gif Drunken Bella Roy O Tyneside cd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Du, du liegst mir im Herzen German midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Dudley Boys, The English nlyrics.gif  
oz15.gif Duncan Australian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15sc.gif Dundee Weaver Scots nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
nba15.gif Dunstan Lullaby, The Tyneside nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif