Susato Press
Last updated: 09.01.18
Susato Press has 25 publications posted in these webpages. They include 25 items of recorder sheet music no longer available SheetMusicPlus.
     Title Composer Instruments Supplier
Recorder Sheet Music:
sm15.gif 33 Christmas Carols for 3 recorders Anon D/T/B (5667626)
sm15.gif German Evening Songs Anon D/A/T/B (5665778)
sm15.gif Terpsichore with a Twist Anon D/A/T/B (5665794)
sm15.gif Ten Bach Chorales Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/T/B (5665805)
sm15.gif Music of Native North America Daniel Chazanoff S(T) (742303)
sm15.gif Music of the Cherokee Nation Daniel Chazanoff A(Flute)Perc (776779)
sm15.gif Native American Music Daniel Chazanoff D/Perc (776761)
sm15.gif Guardan almo pasto Francesco Corteccia D/A/T/A/T/B (5666863)
sm15.gif Fahr Hin Gut Hans Leo Hassler D/D/A/T/T/B (5666925)
sm15.gif Hymn For Mountain Collegium G. Kelischek D/A/T/B (5666214)
sm15.gif  Elegaic Trio John S. Kitts A/A(T)/T (5665569)
sm15.gif Love Songs Renaissance John S. Kitts D/A/T (5665570)
sm15.gif Quartet for Recorder John S. Kitts D/A/A/T (5666226)
sm15.gif Quintet for Recorders John S. Kitts D/A/A/T/B (17699234)
sm15.gif 14 Native American Tunes Miscellaneous D(A)/A(T)/T(B) (751290)
sm15.gif Italiana - 16th Century Dance for Lute Miscellaneous Chamber work with D/A/T/B (3847611)
sm15.gif Medieval Tunes Miscellaneous D (17699222)
sm15.gif Summer Garden (16th Century French Chanson) Miscellaneous Choral work with A/T/B (3844792)
sm15.gif Measure for Pleasure Moore D/A/T/B/Voice (5666321)
sm15.gif Delights of the Troubadour Age Jorg F. Voss D/A(T)/T/B (3844779)
sm15.gif Iberian Impressions Jorg F. Voss D/A/T/B (3847122)
sm15.gif  Thanksgiving Sinfonietta - No. 3 Jorg F. Voss D/A/T/B (4902277)
sm15.gif Two Fantasias on Troubadour Songs Jorg F. Voss D/A/T/B (3844788)
sm15.gif A Yiddish Lullaby Jorg F. Voss Choral work with D/A/T (3845022)
sm15.gif Shoemakeris Juana Friedrich Voss D/A/T/B/Perc (3845013)