Anfor Editions
Last updated: 11.11.17
Anfor Editions has 39 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of recorder sheet music at SheetMusicPlus and 38 items of recorder sheet music no longer available SheetMusicPlus.
     Title Composer Instruments Supplier
Recorder Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Alman-English 16th Century Miscellaneous D/A/T/B smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Enigmas, Canons, Fugues Joh. G. Albrechtsberger D/A/T/B (753203)
sm15.gif 4 Pieces from Well Tempered Clavier Johann Sebastian Bach D/A (744330)
sm15.gif Three Study Duets Walter Bergmann D/A (744516)
sm15.gif Non Nobis Domine William Byrd A(D)/T(A)/B (748612)
sm15.gif Blues in Retrospect Andrew Charlton D/A/A/T (755143)
sm15.gif Preludio from Violin Sonata No. 3 Arcangelo Corelli D(A)/Piano (769084)
sm15.gif Variations on Three Ravens John Davenport D/A/T (748972)
sm15.gif Homophonic Suite in Four Movements Prince L. Dorough D/A/T (749067)
sm15.gif A Self-Portrait Giles Farnaby D/A/T/B/Guit. (755878)
sm15.gif Calliope Suite Johann Fischer D/A/T (749406)
sm15.gif  La Bomba Mateo Flecha II D/A/T/B (755991)
sm15.gif Two Ricercari: Dopo il Credo & Posto il Credo Girolamo Frescobaldi D/A/T/B (756324)
sm15.gif Christmas Music from Many Lands Erich Katz D/A/T/Voice (780714)
sm15.gif A Miniature Suite Erich Katz A/A (746025)
sm15.gif Eight Motets Konrad Lechner D/A/T/B (757788)
sm15.gif Bugle Call Suite Bob Margolis A/A/Perc (746371)
sm15.gif Four Italian Dances of Renaissance Miscellaneous D(A)/A/T(A)/B (755489)
sm15.gif The Recorder Music Reader Miscellaneous D (740603)
sm15.gif Sacred & Secular Trios from Renaissance Miscellaneous A/T/B/Voice (777585)
sm15.gif Three Canzoni Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (758458)
sm15.gif Whitney Recorder Reader Miscellaneous D/D (741059)
sm15.gif  Anfor Recorder Method Nitka S(A) (740887)
sm15.gif One, Two, Three, Play Nitka D/D/D/D (778214)
sm15.gif Visits With Friends Owens-Roodman D/A (746729)
sm15.gif Rounds & Rounds We Go Stanley Taylor D/D/D/D (760505)
sm15.gif Two Fantasias Georg Philipp Telemann D/A/T/B (760626)
sm15.gif Favorite Folksongs from Germany Traditional D(T)/A(B) (746711)
sm15.gif God Bless the Prince of Wales Traditional D/A/T (750606)
sm15.gif Malaysian Songs & Dances Traditional D/A/T (748786)
sm15.gif Sea Shanties Traditional D/D/A (750581)
sm15.gif Spirituals Traditional D/D/A (750576)
sm15.gif Traditional Folksongs Traditional D/D (746655)
sm15.gif  Traditional Folksongs Traditional A/A (746662)
sm15.gif Villancicos - Spanish Songs Traditional D(T)/A(B) (746709)
sm15.gif Sonata & Romanza Tui St George Tucker A (744001)
sm15.gif Practice Set of Pieces Waitzman D(A)/D(A) (747718)
sm15.gif The Division Flute (1702) Walsh A/BC (774859)
sm15.gif Divisions on an Air Maurice C. Whitney A/Piano (774964)