Manifold Love, Introduction

a selection of love songs plucked from life's hedgerows
"If music be the food of love ...." (Shakespeare), "Love is a many splendoured thing" (Han Sunyin), "How I love thee, let me count the ways ...." (Elisabeth Barrat Browning) and so on, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, they are all at it, the poets, the songsmiths, the entire human race and even the "bees do it" as the song goes. Love with all its powers for both good and evil has always fascinated me and as all my friends will attest "To Love" ("Auf die Liebe") being my favourite toast.This little collection of love songs, with a single exception, all from the British Isles and Ireland seeks to show love in its various aspects. The love of a mother mourning her cruelly slain son, the love of a widow for her long-dead husband, the yearnings of young lads and lassies fighting or following their natural instincts, the lovers' doubts and partings, the humorous or otherwise overcoming of obstacles on the road to matrimony and even downright treachery all find a place here.Love's supreme message is that life is worth living and fighting for no matter how desperate a situation is, optimism prevails over pessimism and that the sorriest people are those that have never experienced its joys and burdens.

Geoff Grainger, Vegesack, 22nd September, 2000

Credits: Recorded at Yellow Jacket Studio, Worpswede; photos & design Nina Lucie Würz © 2001; graphic layout Frank Fiedler.