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xxaa000001.jpg The songs presented on this CD, are a mixture of British folk songs, sea songs, love songs and ballads ranging over eight centuries with the odd gospel thrown in and reflect my current taste and style of performance. Some of my naval friends will search and listen in vain for the ribald stuff of yore but perhaps with a bit of luck and backing, naval songs may well form the theme of a future CD.
The final selection was made with very much help, guidance and patience by my friends, for which I'm deeply grateful, at a private musical gathering at Peter Krüger's gallery "Zeichnung und Malerie", Bremen-Vegesack, Germany on 27th March 1998.
The titles were recorded at the TEPA studios in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany between April 25th and May 1st 1998. The CD was released on 24th May 1998 at a release concert in KITO, Bremen-Vegesack.
I'm especially delighted that Stefanie Lubrich together with her sisters Ina and Anna have taken a guest spot on this CD and provide a delightful balance and contrast to my kind of material.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this CD to my mother, Nora Peggy Grainger nee Twyning, from whose knees I learned so much wisdom and so many songs. She's a wicked old girl, still alive, a-singing and a-sinning in Auckland, New Zealand and well loved, admired and respected by her offspring, neighbours and wide range of friends over all generations and races.

Geoff Grainger, Vegesack, 3rd April 1998.