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Geoff Grainger

German Version
Pub singer, folk and street musician of the old school. Born in Worcester, England in 1941, he describes himself as an English Vegesacker having been resident in Germany for almost thirty years. His repertoire covers all manner of American, Australian, British, Low German (Plattdeutsch), pub, music hall, folk and sea songs as well as gospels and spirituals. He is an enthusiastic and rabid folk song collector. Having learned to "sing" in various naval messes and canteens around the world, he was, after a very late start, a founder member of the Idle Fellows, an Anglo-German folk group which sang around Bremen for about 12 years. After a brief spell with Brian Kelly, a Liverpudlian Bremer and erstwhile member of the Idle Fellows from whom he learned so much, he turned solo in 1993.