Mostly at Sea, Introduction

xxaa000004.jpg This selection of songs is, as the not very original title suggests, concerned mostly with the sea. The title also reflects my life which has itself also been almost mostly been at sea or concerned with the sea in various roles over a 40-odd year period from 1954 to 1995. Chronologically these include having been a 13-year old sea cadet in the Combined Cadet Force attached the Worcester Royal Grammar School and a member of the Worcester Sea Scouts until 1957. This was followed by service in the Royal Navy from 1957 to 1968, an experience which indelibly moulded my character and heavily influenced and pre-determined my future career. Those years alone are the stuff of shelves of books! On becoming a civilian I joined a global defence contractor based in Germany as an electronics system engineer involved in various naval projects around the world. Hereby some of my duties took me back to sea again on German warships. In 1986 I set up shop for myself as a consultant to shipyards involved in warship construction during which time I often found myself at sea again as a freelance naval instructor on warships belonging various allied Gulf and Asian navies. In all of this time and in all of these activities, the collecting and "singing" of folk songs was a major pleasure-time pursuit and source of intense personal enjoyment.
The songs on this CD not involved with the sea are a ragbag of odds and ends, nonsense, novelty, comic and absurd.
The greater part of the tracks were recorded at Yellow Jacket Studio, Worpswede in July 2000 but it also has a few numbers previously recorded on Ditty Box at Stain Records, Osterholz-Scharmbeck in 1998. It was released as a DAM-CD in August 2000 at where it was on sale until December 2003. It was re-released in September, 2005 as a "hand-made" CD.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen,September 2005.

Credits: Photo Nina Lucie Würz © 2001; graphic layout Geoff Grainger.