Dr Rosteck and Mr Grainger German Version Dr. Rosteck and Mr. Grainger are a quite different type of type of piano/vocalist duo whereby the partners yearn after unreachable dreams. Mr. Grainger, an ageing folk singer and street musician would just love to be a "real" bass chamber vocalist whilst Dr. Rosteck, a musicologist and lecturer at Bremen University longs for the supposed freedom of the streets faraway from the stresses of academic life.
They got to know each other when Mr. Grainger was accepted as a bass singer in the Vocal Ensemble of Bremen University's Studio Opera. Jointly they took part in the Schönbergiade 02 and performances of Handel's opera together "Acis and Galatea". The duo greatly admire the world famous The King's Singers and the lesser well known piano/vocalist duo, in Germany at least, Flanders & Swann who serve as their role models.
The most important element of their musical endeavours is the combination of demanding compositions with intelligent, witty and ingenious texts whereby a great emphasis is placed on performance in the sense of that achieved by Flanders & Swan. Mr. Grainger loves tongue-twisters in the Celtic manner. Dr. Rosteck & Mr Grainger have studied works by Peter Warlock , Tom Lehrer, Flanders & Swann amongst others as well as having developed a strong taste for the world's drinking songs.