Mabel Wayne  (1904-1978)
Last updated: 23.06.17
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 37 works by Mabel Wayne (1904-1978). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.

Don't Wake Me Up (1925) wvicon.gif
Co-Author: Abel Baer Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
The Song That Broke My Heart (1932) wvicon.gif
In a Little Spanish Town (1926) wvicon.gif
Words by: Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young
Manyana - Tomorrow (1933) wvicon.gif
Words by: Billy Hill
Cheerie-Beerie-Be (1927) wvicon.gif
Words by: Lewis Young
Moon Over Monterey (1933) wvicon.gif
Words by: William Hill
Indian Cradle Song (1927) wvicon.gif
Words by: Gus Kahn
Butterfly (1934) wvicon.gif
Words by: Paul Francis Webster
Ramona (1927) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
In a Little Town Across the Border (1934) wvicon.gif
Words by: Billy Hill
Ramona (1927) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day (1934) wvicon.gif
Words by: Maurice Sigler, Al Hoffman
Chiquita (1928) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
Many Thanks For the Dance (1934) wvicon.gif
Words by: Mack David
Cradle of Love (1928) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
I Wanna Woo (1935) wvicon.gif
Words by: Arthur Swanstrom
When the Right One Comes Along (1928) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
Be Fair (1941) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kim Gannon
An Eyeful of You (1929) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
I Understand (1941) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kim Gannon
My Angeline/ My Angel-Een (1929) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert
Rose Ann of Charing Cross (1942) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kermit Goell
Do Ya Love Me? (1930) wvicon.gif
Words by: Haven Gillespie
South Wind (1942) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kim Gannon
It Happened in Monterey (1930) wvicon.gif
Words by: William Rose
Why Don't You Fall in Love With Me? (1942) wvicon.gif
Words by: Al Lewis
Little Spanish Dancer (1930) wvicon.gif
Words by: Tot Seymour
The Right Kind of Love (1943) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kermit Goell
Ragamuffin Romeo (1930) wvicon.gif
Words by: H. DeCosta
Under a Strawberry Moon (1943)
Words by: Al Lewis
When Kentucky Bids the World "Good Morning" (1930)
Words by: Edgar Leslie
A Dreamer's Holiday (1949) wvicon.gif
Words by: Kim Gannon
Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki (1930) wvicon.gif
Words by: Gus Kahn
On the Outgoing Tide (1950) wvicon.gif
Words by: Lew Brown
When the Clock Is Striking Twelve (1931) wvicon.gif
Words by: Edward Eliscu
Eleanor (1951) wvicon.gif
Words by: Sunny Skylar
My Heaven on Earth (1932) wvicon.gif
Words by: L. Wolfe Gilbert, Vaughan De Leath