Edward Mack  (1826-1882)
Last updated: 11.03.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 45 works by Edward Mack (1826-1882). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.

Blue Bird Waltz (1853) wvicon.gif
Governor Hampton's March (1877) wvicon.gif
General Mcclellan's Grand March (1861) wvicon.gif
Boccaccio March (1880) wvicon.gif
General Grant's Grand March (1862) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Mack
Spring's Delight Polka (1884) wvicon.gif
Orphan's Prayer (1862) wvicon.gif
Mary's Pet Waltz (1919)
Carrie Polka (1864) wvicon.gif
Ever My Spirit Awakens to Thee/ Answer to Beautiful Dreamer (1965) wvicon.gif
Words by: Maggie Williams
Who Speaks First Gallop (1864) wvicon.gif
April Shower Mazurka (?) wvicon.gif
Dora Gallop (1865) wvicon.gif
Brinkerhoff Waltz (?) wvicon.gif
President Johnson's Grand March (1865)
The Echo Voice Waltz (?) wvicon.gif
President Lincoln's Funeral March (1865)
Mocking Bird Barcarolle (?) wvicon.gif
Storm schottisch (1865) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Galop (?) wvicon.gif
Lieutenant General Scott's Grand Funeral March (1866) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Mazurka (?) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird March (1866) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Mack
Mocking Bird Minuet (?) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Nocturne (1866) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Polka (?) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Waltz (1866) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Polonaise (?) wvicon.gif
The Extreme Galop (1867) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Quadrilles (?) wvicon.gif
Little Red Riding Hood Galop (1867)
Mocking Bird Quickstep (?) wvicon.gif
Queen of the Fairies (1867)
Mocking Bird Redowa (?) wvicon.gif
Kissing Through the Bars (1869) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Rondo (?) wvicon.gif
The Governor's March (1873) wvicon.gif
Mocking Bird Schottische (?) wvicon.gif
I Want to See Mamma Once More (1874)
Words & Music: Mack
Mocking Bird Varsovienne (?) wvicon.gif
Nellie Grant's Wedding March (1875)
Solitude (?) wvicon.gif
Woodland Vows (1875) wvicon.gif
Purity (n.d.) wvicon.gif
Moonbeams on the Lake (1876) wvicon.gif