A youthful Brian at one of our first performances in 1979
Brian Kelly
born 8.10.1944 in Liverpool, England
died 5.12.2000 in Bremen, Germany

This webpage is dedicated to the memory of Brian Kelly. I met Brian sometime in 1978 and introduced him to the Anglo-German Club, Bremen where together with Wilfried Drygala, we founded the "Idle Fellows" folk group in 1979. The group's name was taken from the title of one of Brian's favourite folk songs, Dammed Idle Fellows. Over the following 14 years, we regularly played together both in the "Idle Fellows" or briefly (2 years) as a folk-duo. It was Brian who introduced to me a huge number of folk songs for which I am deeply indebted. In addition to having a wonderful voice, his knowledge of folk-music was wide-ranging and vast. He was a larger-than-life figure with a huge appetite both for food and folk-music and, as my father would say, "The lad loved his pop". His gusto for life, comparable with Brendan Behan or Fats Waller, no doubt lead to his untimely demise. He lives on, however in the memory of his friends and the music he left behind. So here, in his memory, Brian's songs and recordings can be found in these webpages. Thank you, Brian

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, June 2001