The modest intention of this webpage is, in the course of time to become a complete discography of all recorder music commercially available by e-commerce on the Internet. Such pages come therefore with a serious health warning :-). Whilst taking every care possible is taken in the complilation of this data, the user should always be aware that the source information at, and is often erroneous and misleading. On line purchasers are strongly advised to carefully check that goods received match the product description. We make no guarantees of any kind whatsoever.

The types of misinformation range from inconsequential spelling mistakes to completely false or irrelevant descriptions. In many cases there are discrepancies between the "Listen to samples" and "On this CD" sections. Work and movement names are often incompletely given. The word "unknown" is used on this webpage to denote that a work or movement cannot be ascribed to a particular composer. In one case, even the the cover is erroneous. All the foregoing is subject to correspondence with Amazon and we are endeavouring to improve the situation. Cave caveat!

Generally speaking, provides the most complete and accurate descriptions whilst comes in at at a reasonable second with trailing at a most miserable third. These comments are intended to be constructive and will hopefully lead to better descriptions for the discerning, recorder music purchasing public.

Geoff Grainger, Sunday, 16th January 2000.