Priest on the Run
Last updated: 05.09.17
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Label: Dorian
Release Date: 06 June, 2006
Performed by Red Priest with Piers Adams, Julia Bishop, Angela East, Julian Rhodes
  1. Sonata No. 3 by Dario Castello
  2. Essercizii musici, P 47: no 10, Trio Sonata in A minor, TV 42 no a 4 by Georg Philipp Telemann
  3. Fantasias (12) for Bass Viola da Gamba solo: Excerpt(s) by Georg Philipp Telemann
  4. Mille regretz "La Canción del Emperador" by Luis de Narváez
  5. Canzon prima by Bartolemé de Selma y Salaverde
  6. Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo in A minor "Il cucu" by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
  7. Sonate, arie et correnti, Opus 3: Aria no 5 "La Bergamasca" by Marco Uccellini
  8. Prophetess, Z 627: Two in one upon a ground by Henry Purcell
  9. Trio Sonata for Recorder/Flute, Violin and Basso Continuo in C minor, HWV 386a/Opus 2 no 1a: 2nd Movement by George F. Handel
  10. Scherzi musicali, volume 2: Zefiro torna a 2 "Chaconne" by Claudio Monteverdi
  11. Chamber Concerto for Recorder, Violin and Bassoon in D major, F 12 no 7/RV 92 by Antonio Vivaldi