Pipes and Drums From Scotland
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: Arc
Designation: EUCD1507
Release Date: 10 May, 1999
  1. 6/8 Marches/Monte Catarelto: Murdo Mackenzie Of Blughasary/The Banks Of The Skiach
  2. March, Strathspey & Reel: The Balmoral Highlanders/The Atholl Cummers/The Brown Haired Maiden
  3. Slow Air, Strathspey & Reel: Cutting Bracken/Cutting Bracken/The Spirits Of Old Pultene...
  4. Hornpipe & Jig: Raigmore/The Single Petre/Alex Robertson's Limp/Shona's Jig
  5. Slow Air, Jig & Hornpipe: The Lads From Glendale/Shawbost Is Dear To Me/Leaving Barra/Kiss Me...
  6. 6/8 Marches: Lillie Long - Wade's Welcome To Inverness/The Eight Army/An Eilean Ard
  7. Slow Air: Angelena's Lullabye
  8. Medley: Macphail Of Bunnessan/Hills Of Kintail/The Redcoat/Yesterhouse/The Gravel Walk/Rakish...
  9. Slow Air, Hornpipe & Jig: Robertson's Lament/Kyle Alexander/The Weaver/Paddy By Easy/The Foxhunter
  10. Hornpipes: The Wee Man From South Uist/Hi Ho Hirum/The Kiwi/The Cromdale Horpipe/Dick Gossips...
  11. 6/8 Marches: 72nd Highlanders Farewell To Edinburgh/Eleanor
  12. 3/4 Marches: Jimmy MacKenzie Of Stornoway/Jimmy McLaughlin/My Land/Angela's Wedding
  13. 4/4 Marches: Murdo's Wedding/City Of Hasting's Pipe Band/The Muir Of Ord
  14. Medley: Ye Jacobites By Name/Irish Air/Sporting Jamie/The Smith's A Gallant Fireman/The Devil In...