Coming Events

Nürnberg Sacred Harp
Regular Singing
22nd July 2017
14.30 - 18.00

Cork Sacred Harp
7th All Day Singing
26th August 2017
10.00 - 16.00

Uppsala Sacred Harp
1st All Day Singing
9th -10th September 2017
10.00 - 16.00

Sheffield Sacred Harp
22nd UK Convention
15th - 17th September
10.00 - 16.15

Geoff Grainger's Webpages
20 Years in Internet
Last updated: 16.07.17
Welcome to my web pages. It is hard to believe that they now been in the world wide web for 20 years. They reflect my musical interests from childhood to the present (June 2017) day. These interests include, on an amateur basis, choir singing, drumming in a military band, recorder playing, folk singing, adapting ragtime piano scores for recorder ensembles, opera and chamber singing, piping and shape note singing.
Much of my later years have been heavily influenced by my friend and mentor, Dr. Oliver Rosteck,
whose support and encouragement has taken me on an amazing journey.

Geoff Grainger, Sheffield, June 2017


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My interest in brass band music goes all the way back to my childhood as described when you follow the Brass Button below. That these brass web pages were set up results from my very first hearing of Harmonic Brass Munich in Bremen-Vegesack in 1999 and then meeting them on their home ground in Munich in 2001. I've become a regular groupie of theirs owning most of their CDs and have been rewarded with their magnificent cap.
More coming ... honest!


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I'm on it!
Coming up sort of soon.


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I'm really on it!


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Oh no. This page too!!


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I'm still on it! Really!!
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